The Amazing Life of Caleb Sawyer
The Struggle

My name as stated above is Caleb Sawyer and I am a freshman with intent to major in Civil Engineering. I have a great interest in this field because I love constructing things. Ever since I was a child playing with legos I have had this passion. Along with the satisfaction of actually creating something, I would be able to travel during my job and not always sit in the office. I want to enjoy my job by traveling and being outside while working.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing golf. Ever since I have been in college, I have not been able to play much, but I used to play at least twice a week. It is a sport where you have to constantly practice or one loses their shot quickly. I would love to be able to play that often again, but college has kept me so busy that I simply do not have time. I'm going to try to start playing once on the weekends because it is such a stress reliever and also lots of fun.


My Resume

How to make Pepperoni pizza
  1. First, roll out the dough to about 10 inches
  2. Add sauce on top of the dough
  3. Add cheese and then lots of pepperonis
  4. Roll up the edges of the dough to make crust and put seasoning on them
  5. Put in oven for roughly 30 minutes or until done
  6. let cool and enjoy

My Expected Grades
Class Expected grade
Economics A
Calculus A-
Chemistry B

Tiger Woods