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This project has been developed for use in a middle school classroom or in an after school program. If your school does not have an after school program, perhaps an after school science club can be started. Middle school students benefit from the extra support that such programs can provide. It also gives children the opportunity to belong to a group that solves real life problems. Making meaningful connections between the environment and the lives of children is the only sure method to bring about positive environmental changes. Sample activities related to the environment are included in this project along with photographs of students actually carrying out the activities. Many additional resources will also be included in this project for the consideration of educators. It is hoped that each teacher will alter the activities to best fit the needs and interests of their students. All of these activities have been tested in my classroom or in an after school setting. Each activity is correlated to the N.C. Standard Course of Study, National Standards, and N.C. Technology Standards. There is an emphasis on inquiry based learning, service learning, and the use of technology. The creation of this project has been a labor of love as I have explored the environment with my inquisitive students.

Part I Community Action - connecting students to their school and community environment through service learning activities after school.
Part II Our Sustainable Community - connecting students to their school and community environment through activities on their school campus and in the surrounding community.

Last updated: November 11, 2002
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