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My name is Courtney Wethington. I am a freshman and I hope to graduate in 2019. I am currently a student in the Exploratory Studies program. I hope to transfer into the BA in Biological Sciences. I decided on this major because I am really interested in evolution and genetics.

My favorite hobby is watching YouTube or Netflix. I enjoy watching gaming videos, vlogs, and science fiction or fantasy shows. I like watching content online because it is a good way to destress. Many times, I can also put a video on in the background when I am working on something else. Some of my favorite content includes Rooster Teeth, The 100, Outlander, and Game of Thrones.

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My Experience
  1. Put pizza sauce on the pizza dough
  2. Put LOTS of cheese on the pizza
  3. Put pepperoni on the pizza
  4. Put black olives on the pizza
  5. Put the pizza in the oven and wait until it is done
  6. Enjoy!

Course Name Expected Grade
MA 108 A
BIO 181 B+
E 115 S

Cat watching itself