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Hi, my name is Cameron Williams, and I am a freshman at N.C. State University. I am majoring in Engineering as a First-Year, and am planning on majoirng in Chemical Engineering. I chose Chemical Engineering not only because of my passion for Chemistry, but also because I like the breadth and flexiibility that the major provides for me. I feel that Chemical Engineering will give me the practical knowledge to work anywehere, with the possibility to take me where ever my passions may lie over my lifetime.

My dream job includes working for a company in a position where I help to provide clean energy for citizens in the United States or across the world. Over the summer I will be working as an intern for ExxonMobil, at an oil refinery as a manufacturing engineer, and I feel that this is the first step towards this goal. ExxonMobil is a great company, with the capabilities to provide my career with the fulfillment it deserves, and that is why I hope to stay with them up until, and after, graduation.

Interesting Classes at N.C. State University

  1. Chemical Transport Processes
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Bioreactor Design
  4. Structural Properties of Materials

Student Involvement at N.C. State University

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National Society of Black Engineers Click here
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