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College Summary

As of now I am technically a First Year Life Science Major, but I plan to switch over to the Computer Science major by next year. Right now I am attending North Carolina State University and plan to continue to attend NCSU throughout my college experience. I anticipate to graduate in the year 2020.

Motivations and Future Plan

Choosing to pursue a degree in Computer Science was not an easy decision for me. Afterall, there are a lot of subjects that interest me and feilds that I would have liked to explore if given the chance. But, as it would be impossible for me to pursue everything I like, there are aspects of Computer Science that really appeal to me and make me believe it one of the best feilds for me to purse. One thing I have come to a conclusion about, as far as careers are concerned, is that I absolutely want to have a career where I can be creative and make stuff. Refecting on my past experiences, I have a trend of being the most engaged in tasks where I can make use of my creativity. Computer Science is one of those feilds where I can do that. Additionally, writing code is something that has peaked my interest as a little kid from playing with the program Alice and watching my dad write code. Taking into account my introverted tendencies, it really appeals to me that in computer science careers there seems a lot of independent work involved. Additionally, Computer Science is a growing feild with increasing opportunity and good pay. Many careers in Compueter Science comes with good health benifits. While the career I want to pursue in computer science is not set in stone, app development, webdevlopment and game programming are careers that particularly standout to me because they integtegrate graphics with programing. While, the functionality of how something works interests me, so do the asthetics. I like how these carreers involve the manipulation of graphics.

Class Course Title Semester
MA 241 Calculus II Spring '17
CSC 116 Intro Comp - Java Spring '17
CSC 216 Programing Concepts Java Fall '17
CSC 230 C/Software Tools Spring '18
CSC 461 Computer Graphics Fall '19