COREY COLBERG 14.2112.123.1231

Hello my name is Corey Colberg and I am planning on being a computer science major.
I always enjoyed my programming classes in high school and I'm taking a java class now
and its a lot of fun. I'm also pretty good at it mostly because I can pay attention
and am willing to put in the time to learn about it out of class. I've always been curious
about how computers work and I'm actually looking forward to learning about them. I've also
though about computer engineering but I think if I take a class that gets me interested
then maybe I would switch.

I really don't know what my favorite hobby would be.. So I don't play any sports
competitively now but I still love shooting around a basketball with friends or playing
football. Maybe skiing, its less of a sport for me and more of a hobby and it absolutely love skiing
and would never miss an opportunity to go, but I've never had like a coin collection
or had a nice car to work on. Perhaps eating. Is eating a hobby? Doubt it but I like going
going to new cities and eating at as many local restaurants as possible.

Favorite news website, Digg
This is my resume, enjoy
  1. Take out bread, and other ingredients
  2. Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread
  3. Spread jelly on the other slice
  4. Smash the two slices togethet
  5. EAT
Class Expected grade
Intro to java (CSC116) A
Physics B+
Economics (EC205) A
Dude Skiing