Hi my name is Corrine Enriquez. I'm a freshman, supposedly class of 2018, but we all know that sure as hell isn't going to happen because engineering is a bitch. I plan to major in computer engineering and I honestly have no clue why I even chose that major. I guess because I think computers are cool and all the other engineering major options are either boring or too hard. If I don't enjoy computers engineering I'll probably switch to textile engineering because who doesn't like making overpriced clothing?

My favorite hobby is going to concerts. I don't really know if that's even a hobby but let's just assume it is. The whole atmosphere of everyone coming together to enjoy the music of an artist we all love is fucking awesome! Seeing an artist live is just a completely different experience that I believe everyone needs to attend at least one concert in their lifetime. Concerts are just awesome okay. Oh, and having the chance meet that artist is pretty great too if you aren't convinced yet.

Fuck Yeah


  1. Walk up to the counter
  2. Look at the menu
  3. Order your sammich
  4. Get a drink and some chips if want to treat yo'self
  5. Pay for your food and regret spending the money bc you could have made a sammich for much cheaper

Class Grade
E101 one hunna
E115 pass
ES100 idk an A?