Welcome to my Website!

Hi, my name is Carson Ford, a first year engineering student at North Carolina State University.
I have an interest in Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.
I chose these three because I feel that these fields will be crucial in the upcoming years in developing more efficient and sustainable energy systems.

I am currently a seasonal worker for Woodlance Terrace, a Kisco Senior Living facility based in Cary.
I will work over winter break and the summer, however during the school year I am focusing on my studies.
My dream job would be working to design new chemicals or to improve current chemical creation processes.

Graduation Picture of Carson

Most Interesting Classes at NCSU:

  1. Classical Mythology (CLA 210)
  2. Popular Music 1980's-Present (MUS 211)
  3. Basic Canoeing (HESO 255)
  4. Calculus III (MA 242)

  5. Club Website
    Sailing Club SailPack
    American Institute of Chemical Engineers AICHE