Welcome to my webpage for the E115 Independent Assignment.

My name is Cory Gibson; I am a first year student at NC State, and I plan to dual-major in Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering. I am eligible to CODA into both of these majors after this semester. I want to do PSE because I want to work in a field dedicated to sustainability and bettering the world. I feel the Chemical Engineering will help me work with biofuels and biomaterials in the future.

Currently, I work at the Starbucks in Talley Student Union. It is not hard work, but it is somewhat complicated and can be very boring or very intense. Sometimes we get too many orders at one time and we have to really work together in order to get the drinks out as soon as possible. The people I work with are great, we make a great team, and I am glad I've gotten the chance to advance my teamwork and leadership skills.

Cory Gibson
  1. PY401 and PY 402 (quantum physics)
  2. HI409
  3. HI335
  4. PSE295

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