Welcome to Homework 6!

My name is Cory Hall. I am a freshman in my second semester. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I chose mechanical engineering as my major because I enjoy solving problems. In addition, my favorite teacher was a mechanical engineer.

My favorite hobby is reading. I read all kinds of genres. Fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, you name it I probably read it. Over the years, I have started to read longer and more intensive novels. My current favorite author is James Michener who writes some awesome historical fiction.


  1. First, start with two slices of bread
  2. Then, apply peanut butter to one side of one slice
  3. Repeat on the other slice but this time with jelly
  4. Apply the non-plain sides together to finish the PB&J

Class Grade
E115 S
EC205 A
PY205 B+