This is #BestWebsiteEver

This website is not for the plebs among us, we are the elitest

My name is Cameron Hetzler. I am currently a freshman in the First Year Engineering College. I want to change this so that I am a full time Computer Science student and graduate by 2020 with my masters. I am not a chuwawa. I am indeed a human. This is a sentence and I like this sentence.

My favorite hobby is to type code and work through general problems. I like to hike. I like to run. I like to draw. I like to write really horrible sentences just so I can write the correct amount of them. I do not like to write creatively.

This isn't my actual resume, but it is the one paper I'm most proud of writting.
It was for an actual website.

    Best Pizza Evah
  1. Get A phone
  2. Dial the number for Papa's Pizza To-Go
  3. Wait for pizza to arrive
  4. Enjoy
Name of Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A-
ENG 101 C+
E 115 S