Welcome to my E115 Homework 5a Webpage!

Charles Jacob Jones. Class of 2017, Freshman. I am a first year engineer with an aerospace intent. I chose aerospace not only because I like to fly but I would like to learn exactly how planes work and how I can make them better in the future.

My favorite break from school would probably be summer break. Even though I haven't had a summer break while at NCSU yet, I am stacking up plans already for the summer. Me and my friends always go to the beach for a couple of days and just realax with no stress. I also like to skydive and I am planning to get certified to skydive this summer!

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  1. Call favorite pizza restaurant (Dominoes, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut ect.)
  2. Descide what type of pizza and what toppings
  3. Pay for the pizza
  4. Have the pizza delivered or for pick up and enjoy!
  5. Course Expected Grade
    CH 101 B+
    MA 141 B
    ENG 101 B-
    E 101 A
    My First Skydive!