E115 Homework 5a

My name is Connor Lenze, and I am a Paper Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering dual major at NC State University. I am in the class of 2018, but I may graduate a little later than 2018 due to the coursework associated with my majors. I also plan on completeing at least on co-op and internship while in college, so that also adds to my overall time in school. I chose my majors because of my interest in math and chemistry. Math comes easy to me, and chemistry seems to be my favorite subject, so put them together and you get chemical engineering. When I applied to NC State I was offered a scholarship through the Paper Science and Engineering program, so I decided I would take it and see how it goes.

My favorite hobby is playing sports. I have always loved soccer and tennis, and I hate to pass up any opportunity to play. In college I am on an intramural men's competitive soccer team, and occasionally I will find a friend to play a match of tennis with. I like to stay active, and I go for runs about once a week when I have the time. Once, I ran all the way into downtown Raleigh before realizing where I was. I am really looking forward to the Krisby Kreme Challenge this coming February. Hopefully I will be able to run it without puking!

Gareth Bale Soccer Player
My Second Favorite Website: Pandora

    How to Make My Favorite Sandwich:
  1. Spread mayonnaise on a piece of bread
  2. Put four pieces of ham on top of the mayonnaise
  3. Put two tomatoes on top of the ham
  4. Put two pieces of lettuce on top of the tomatoes
  5. Put two pieces of cheese on top of the lettuce
  6. Finish the sandwich by putting a final piece of bread on the top of the cheese

Class Expected Grade
CH101 A+
MA242 A
E101 A+
Eng101 A-
E115 S

Picture of My Favorite Hobby:
Soccer Ball