Welcome to my website!

My name is Cooper Luce, and I attend North Carolina State University. I am a freshman here, and I intend to major in either Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering. I chose this because I have always loved to design and build new devices, from trash can lids to robotic claw machines. I would love to use my major to make day to day life easier for people. I could do this by designing new machines or even mechanical prosthetic limbs.

I've worked in the food service industry for about 4 years. My most recent job was at Cantina 18, working as a host. I actually quit last week, because I felt that the hours required were inconvenient. I also am tired of working in food service.

Me at the beach


  1. Sociology 202
  2. Advanced Rock Climbing
  3. Physics 205
  4. Astronomy
  5. E115!!!
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