Welcome to Conor Murphy's Page. Here you can learn about my education thus far and my future goals.

Photo of Myself

Major Information

I am currently and engineering first year student with an intent in civil engineering. I attend North Carolina State University, and anticipate graduating in the spring of 2020.

Why I Chose This Major

I first took an interest in Civil Engineering when I joined my high school's model bridge building team. This allowed me to improve and learn about the design process and how to create such structures. Prior to this, I have always had a passion for architecture and design and hope to be able to use Civil Engineering to further pursue this, while create safe and new structures. With this degree, I hope to work at a civil engineering firm specializing in structures, and potentially open my own firm one day in the future.

Relevant Skills
Class Course Title Semester
E115 Intro to Engineering Fall 2016
PY205 Physics for Engineers I Fall 2016
MA241 Calculus II Spring 2017