Hello, welcome to my website about who I am at NC State

Hi, my name is Carlton, I'm a bit of a special case here at NC State, I am an NC State student, but I'm also still a high schooler. I'm in 12th grade actually, walking around the campus taking the same classes as the rest of you with no one noticing anything out of place. Because of this I don't have a major, but I intend to persue Mechanical Engineering once I become an official student of this college full time.

I "work" as a teacher assistant to some faith formation classes for 3rd graders held at my church every Sunday. I only put work in the quotations beacause I don't really get paid for doing it so I'm unsure if its classified as a real job. I suppose I haven't really thought of what I might want to do for a job, but I want it to be a balance between hands-on active and sitting down and working behind a desk.

How I look

Most interesting Classes

  1. MA 141
  2. E 115
  3. Phi 205
  4. Com 112

Name of club/organization I find interesting Link to website
Linux Users Group (LUG) link
Tae Kwon Do Club link