Generic Welcome Message

This is the first of my two paragraphs. My name is Connor Parke. I am a freshman and I am in engineering with a computer science intent. I chose it because i like to find out how things work. I would like to apply that knowledge to create things.

My favorite hobby would be music. I like to play piano and i have been playing it since i was much younger. I am in a band named Rosewood and have been with them for nearing four years. I play whenever i can. I also play guitar and cello.

This is my favorite website.

Click for my resume.

this is how i make pizzas

  1. Make yourself some nice dough
  2. smash a tomato on it
  3. throw like a pound of cheese on it
  4. literally find a meat. cut it. toss on da pizza
  5. light in on fire, eat while on fire. if it tastes like fire, you did it right
    1. a table of my classes and expected grades

      E115 S
      E101 A
      Eng101 B+

      heres a picture of what my favorite hobby is

      piano keys