Hello my name is Christopher Parker!

NCSU email address

Major Being Pursued

My intednded major is Environmental Engineering. Currently, I am attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and I plan on attending North Carolina State University in the Fall of 2017. Technically, I am considered a senior due to credits from the military. However, with respect to engineering courses I am a sophmore. I anticipate graduating in the Spring of 2019.

Reason for Major

I chose environmental engineering because of the job I performed in the United States Coast Guard. I spent six years on active duty with the Coast Guard (CG), and I am now in the reserves stationed at Sector North Carolina. As a reservists I am in charge of training and leading responses to pollution incidents. In the CG I was a Marine Science Technician (MST). This job entailed many things, but two of the main aspects was pollution response and prevention. This job gave me a deep understanding of environmental law and regulations. Upon leaving active duty I decided to seek a degree in engineering, so that I could better understand how to prevent and respond to pollution incidents. Ultimately, I plan on using my degree to develop better response technologies and preventive tools to reduce the amount of pollution that impacts the environment.

Relateable Skills and Qualities

Relevent Courses Taken

Class Course Title Semester
Engineering Statics MAE 206 Spring 2017
Differential Equations MAT 361 Spring 2017
Natural Resource Policies EVS 364 Spring 2017
Bioethics PAR 215 Spring 2017