My name is Conor Perks. I am a Freshman. I am majoring in Nuclear Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I choses these majors because I love the energy industry and the physics in it, but I also love mathematics. I figured doing a duel major would be a decent compromise.

My favorite hobby is doing math. I spend more time than I should when studying for a math test because I enjoy doing math that much. I am very happy to be doing a math major. It allows me to spend doing doing what I enjoy. It also challenges me in my favorite hobby.

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  1. Call the Papa John's number
  2. Ask for a medium pepperoni pizza
  3. Wait for the pizza guy to come to your door
  4. Take pizza from pizza guy
  5. Pay for pizza
Class Name Expected Grade
PY 208 A-
PY 209 A+
E 115 S