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My name is Christian powell and I am a first year in North Carolina State University's College of Engineering. Although my major is not decided, I plan on shooting for either a degree in computer science or a degree in computer engineering. I work well with technology and wish to further develop key skills that would help me land a job that I would enjoy. As an alternative, I am also interested in graphic design and architecture. These interests stem off of my intrest in drawing.

Alhough I am unemployed (and have never really been employed in the first place),I have dumped quite a bit of time into community service. Thus, notwistanding my working experience (or the lack thereof), I believe I have the foundation to pursue my dream job of game development. Videogaming is a large hobby of mine; therefore, I wish to contribute to it's community by not only working with future games, but also creating new engines and methods by which to produce and market them. Another dream job of mine is to work for the government as a professional hacker. Instilled to me by a teacher in highschool, I truely believe this to be a rather interesting position.

A list of the most interesting classes I've seen and/or are taking:

  1. Time Travel
  2. Archery (HESS 251)
  3. Climate Change and Sustainability
  4. An Introduction to Computing Environments
  5. Economics 205

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League of Legends Collegiate Club Link