My name is Cameron Staton. I am a Freshman in the Poole College of Management. I plan to transfer to the College of Engineering next year. I would like to go into Computer Science when I do transfer. I have an interest in Computer Science because it is a growing field with many job opportunities. I see myself starting my own business with the skills I gain in the next four years.

My favorite animal is a dog. They are reliable pets. They can be trained to do many tasks and tricks. They can be many different breeds differing in personality, shape, size, color, and texture. Dogs become a part of the family when introduced to a home. Most importantly, they form an unreplaceable bond with the owners. That's why they are my favorite animal.

My first favorite website is RateYourMusic:Rate Your Music

My Second Favorite Website is Who Sampled

  1. Pick up the phone
  2. Call up Gina's Pizza
  3. Order a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza
  4. Give your address
  5. Wait
  6. When the deliveryman comes, pay for the pizza and tip well
  7. Enjoy your pizza!
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
ENG101 A
MA141 A
ES100 A+
MIE201 A-