E115 Homework 5a

My name is Collin Walther and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan to major in mechanical engineering and minor in German. I have a passion for motorsports, and I like math. Mechanical engineering incorporates both of those aspects. I believe that I will have the most fun studying mechanical engineering, when compared to other engineering disciplines offered at NC State. My father is German and I have a lot of family there; therefore, I intend to minor in that language.

My favorite break from school is summer break. Summer break spans a few months, which allows enough time for me to relax and go on trips. Last summer I went to New Jersey Motorsport Park to participate in a three day racing school that was hosted by Bertil Roos. Bertil Roos is an organization that provides Formula Ford race cars and hosts a variety of classes to teach anyone how to race. They teach theoretical and practical skills related to racing. If I complete the two day advanced school, I will get my national racing license.

jalopnik youtube

How to make a pizza

  1. buy a frozen pizza at the store
  2. take the frozen pizza out of the box
  3. set the oven to the desired temperature
  4. place frozen pizza in the over
  5. set timer and wait

Class Expected Grade
CH101 A-
CH102 A
MA242 A-
ENG101 A
E101 A
E115 S

Summer Break Picture