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My name is Collin Warren and I am currently a freshman at NC State. I am currently listed as an undeclared engineer major, but I would like to become a construction engineer major. This is because I hope to earn a general contractor's license this summer, and with this degree I will be able to build large structures. I come from a small town that is well known for swine and poultry production, and hopefully I will be able to earn a job building these houses. In addition, I hope to take over my uncle's well drilling and septic tank business, and with this degree I would be able to expand on it by being able to build homes.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I played two years of varsity basketball in high school, and I have loved it ever since. During my senior season I was voted on by the team and coaches to be a captain. Now, I go to Carmichael Gymnasium as often as possible to play pick-up games. Basketball is an enjoyable game and has allowed me to make many new friends during my time at school.

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Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
Calc 3 A+
Physics C+
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