Hello, my name is Caitlyn Wiley.

Picture of Caitlyn

Academic info

I attend North Carolina State University. I am currently in the Engineering First Year program with and intended major of Computer Science. My anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

Why I Chose Computer Science

I chose computer science because I am very interested in human computer interactions. It is amazing to me how with the simple click of a mouse, so many tasks can be accomplished. Once I graduate, I would love to get a job in software development where I would develop software and/or applications to make tasks simpler. Ideally, I would be able to run my own business so I could help everyone and not just large companies.

Class Course Title Semester
CSC 116 Intro to Java Fall 2016
CSC 216 Programming Concepts - Java Spring 2017
CSC 226 Applied Discrete Mathematics Spring 2017
CSC 326 Software Engineering Fall 2018
CSC 230 C/Software Tools Fall 2017