A Little Bit About Me

Hello reader/grader/Philip/all powerful master of passing and failing! I was born Colin
Matthew Kinney in up-state New York. I am a first-year student the engineering college. I
am undecided intent on the record but I am pretty sure I want to get into Computer Science.
I decided this rather recently and don't have a whole lot of reasons as to why I chose this.
Mainly, I like computers and I needed to hurry up and choose so that I had one less thing to
worry about when it come time to CODA. Also, the pay isn't half bad!!!

That's the name of and the sound that my favorite animal in one line. Snakes are animals
that demand respect and strike fear into to some with their very name. People make movies
about them. People make clothing out of them. If your brave, you can even keep them as pets.
Don't forget to feed it though because they are known to strangle their owners while they sleep.

Cute Snake

Number 2 favorite website... I'm a snaaaaaake

How To Order A Pizza

  1. Ask Mr. Snake where he wants to order from
  2. Ask Mr. Snake what toppings he wants
  3. Wait for pizza to get there as Mr. Snake watches you
  4. Pay for pizza and leave a good tip
  5. Eat whole pizza while Mr. Snake watches you
  6. Get eaten by Mr. Snake because he didn't want pizza,

E115 E145 EC205 ECD220 PY205 PY206
S A B- B+ B A+

Snake Meme