Hello, I'm Curtis Jackson.

Intended Major

While at North Carolina State University, I plan to pursue a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering in May of 2020. I also am considering participating in the Accelerated Master's program to earn a master's degree in 5 years rather than the typical 6.

Reasons for Choosing ME

I chose mechanical engineering because I love seeing how things work physically. I like taking apart and tinkering with various objects and reverse engineering them to see how they work. I also love the concept of the armored tank and would love to design or assemble tank systems later on in my life.

My Mechanical Abilities:

Relevant Course Work:

PY 205 H Physics for Engineers and Scientists I (Honors) Freshman Spring Semester
MA 341 Applied Differential Equations I Freshman Spring Semester
MAE 206 Engineering Statics Sophomore Fall Semester