All About Caleb Ly

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Hello, my name is Caleb Ly, and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. I am in the College of Engineering, and hope to CODA into the Biomedical Engineering program. I am interested in prosthetics, and how engineering can be applied in the medical field.

I used to work at a Dairy Queen/Orange Julius prior to coming to NC State. It was a part time job that allowed me to have enough money for gas, textbooks, and other things, as I was enrolled in a dual enrollment high school college program. This job allowed me to gain life long skills such as communication skills with co-workers and customers, responsibility for a store, and technical skills that the job required when making food, and working at the register.

Most Interesting Classes at NC State:

  1. Philosophy of Religion
  2. Fundamentals of Economics
  3. Physics for Engineers and Scientists
  4. Introduction to Computing Environments

Clubs at NC State:

Club Name Club Website/Info
Disc Golf Club NCSU Disc Golf Facebook Page
Biomedical Engineering Society BMES Website