Welcome to Clare's Webpage!

My name is Clare Orsega and I am a freshman. I am in First Year College and have not decided on a major yet. I thought about engineering but I think it will be too hard for me. I am not leaning towards majoring in Business with a concentration in finances and a minor in statistics and accounting. I enjoy math and numbers so I hope to do something with that one day.

My favorite animal is a panda bear. I think they are really cute but I wish they weren't endangered. They're found in China and I love their black and white coats. I wish I had a panda bear to cuddle with. They are just too adorable.

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  1. Spread sauce on the dough
  2. Place cheese all over the pizza
  3. Put pepperoni and sausage all over the pizza
  4. Put the pizza in the oven
Class Grade
MA341 A
CH201 A-
CH202 A+
Panda Bears