Welcome to my Webpage!

Hello! My name is Caroline Kvietok, and I am a junior in Fashion and Textile Design. This major is within the College of Textiles at NC State, and is a Bachelor of Science degree. I chose Fashion & Textile Design because I hope to start my own apparel line during my career.

I am not employed currently, but this past summer I interned in New York City for two companies. The first company was a large, corporate company that produced socks for Ralph Lauren and other licensees. The second company was a luxury womenswear start-up called Brandon Maxwell, who I also helped during NY Fashion Week this September.

Caroline K

Most Interesting Classes at NC State:

  1. FTD 321, Draping
  2. USP Photography in the Bahamas
  3. CSC 116, Java
  4. First Year Fashion & Textile Design Studio

Name of Organization Website Link
Greater Good Textile Group click here
EI Garage click here