Imagineif cats could snap-dance broadway-production bruisers. How intimidating would that be, like...??? Also hi.

My name is Charles Louis Blische IV. If I wasn't severely allergic, I'd major in cat studies. Unfortunately, I'm an STS major in his Freshman year looking to trasnfer into the engineering school and fulfill my destiny as a third generation NC State engineer.

My favorite hobby is soccer. I've played since I was three and haven't stopped until this past year. I plan to get way in shape this summer and tryout for the club team. If I fill out gracefully from this skinny husk of a bod, maybe I'll even get scouted for the actual State league team.

God, your internet couldn't handel loading this picture? Wow... AOL is rough, buddy. My favorite paper, which was more of a project, about building a coffee maker out of spare parts assuming there was no power for months.
Classes Grade
German 101 A+ I KNOW
Calculus 2 B i know...
E 115 the best class S
Chose this one especially for you, Overlord Ben.