Cassaday Tractor and Equipment




About the Company:

This company was started by Clay Cassaday, a graduate of NC State, and has flourished to become one of the top tractor dealers in the country. We sell mostly tractors but we also sell equipment to go with your tractor and any tools you might need. The thing about this company that has made it so successful is the invention of the app-controlled device that is put in each of our tractors. This device has cut down on time wasted and can do whatever task you need done at perfect precision, and the best apart about it is you don't even have to be in the tractor to control it. Our competitors can't match this technology and its all at an affordable price.

Our Mission:

Here at Cassaday Tractor and Equipment, we strive to provide you with the latest and most efficient tractors on the market. Our mission is to satisfy all your technological needs and keep you updated with the newest equipment available. Technology is constantly being replaced by newer and better things and keeping up with it all can be very challenging. Our company will take away the confusion and let you in on all the new items out there. We also want you to be completely satisfied with your new app-controlled tractor and will go to great lengths to make sure there is no trouble with running the new system and answer any questions you might have.

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