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My name is Catherine Crocker, I was born bright eyed & kickin' on June 22nd, 1989.

Simply put, I'm a just simple country gal with a big heart.
I'm pretty laid back & get along with just about everybody.

& here's a little bit of just "where I come from"...


First things first,

I am a strong christian & I love my Savior, therefore, I proudly live my life for Jesus <><
He's carried me when I was weak, faithfullly taught me the meaning of HOPE.
God's been good to me & I believe in Him & His love with all my heart.


I've had to endure some hard times in my life through the years...
Looking back, each of those trials has made me the person I am today.
I've learned the secret in life is to smile everyday, dream always.
& that ya gotta laugh when you can, truly love the life you live :D


My family is my backbone, they mean everything to me.
My parents, Cliff & Jenny Crocker (better known as Mama & Deddy) are amazing,

(afterall, they did manage to raise me) haha.
My sister has become my best friend, the one I look up to, & the one always on my side.
I owe everything to those three, they've always been there.
I am very proud of my roots & my love for my family runs deep.


I am happy to call Harrisburg, NC home; my heart forever lies in Cabarrus County.

I'm quite proud to be a small town country girl born & raised.

Afterall, it is in Cabarrus County that I came to know my passion for agriculture.

My hometown is where I learned to love the simple things in life & to enjoy the outdoors.

In June of 2007, I became a graduate of Central Cabarrus High School, Concord, NC.

In the fall of 2007, I took one of the biggest steps one will ever take & headed for college.


College has been the best thing to ever happen to me, I love it ♥

Just in two years I've made lifetime friendships & learned ALOT more about myself.

I am currently a sophmore at North Carolina State University (best in the world).

I am majoring in Agricultural Education & double minoring in Horticultural & Animal Science.

Thanks to two wonderful FFA advisors, they were my inspirations to become an AEE major.

My goal upon graduation is to become a high school agriculture teacher & FFA advisor.

In my time here at NCSU, I have been actively involved in all of the following:

The Agricultural Extension & Education Club

The Collegiate FFA

NCSU Animal Science Club

Campus Crusade


The FFA is great organization & I can't wait to be an FFA Advisor someday.

I love the FFA & all that the blue corduroy stands for.

The FFA Motto

Learning to Do;

Doing to Learn;

Earning to Live;

Living to Serve.


NC State University

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National FFA Organization

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National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE)

American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE)

The AgEducation Magazine

NC Cooperative Extension

NC Department of Agriculture

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