Welcome to my page!

Hello, my name is Christopher Drum, and I am currently a Freshman at NC State University. My current intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I chose this major because I would like to design cars, and I decided this would be the best major for that career. I want to design cars because I have always been interested in cars and how they work, and over the years I have acquired a vast knowledge of cars and trucks. .

During the time when I am not at school, I work at a high-end car dealership in Hickory, North Carolina, called Cosmo Motors. I work in the marketing department, which means I manage a lot of the online customer interactions, which involves talking to customers through social media, uploading cars onto the company website to be viewed around the world, and photographing cars for promotional purposes. I got this job because of my experience with cars and knowledge of social media and photography, which was demonstrated by my page on Instagram, titled @topcarspots, which currently has 32,000 followers. My favorite part of this job is when I get to drive high-end sportscars, like Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Ferraris.

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Classes I am currently taking at NC State

  1. MA241
  2. EC205
  3. CH101
  4. HON290
  5. E101
  6. CH102
  7. E115

Club Name Website
Wolfpack Motorsports Wolfpackmotorsports.com
Bass Pack Basspack.org