Chaz's NCSU Career

My name is Chaz Fitzpatrick and I am an NCSU freshman. I am currently textiles undeclared. I am definitely wanting to go into Textile Engineering. This is because of the job security and I am interested in it. I am also interested in obtaining a minor in Mechanical Engineering.

My favorite break during the school year is Christmas break. I enjoy the cold weather and it is the coldest break we have in the year. I also like the absence of work and worry for the few weeks I have. Family is also very important to be around especially when the food is so good. Christmas break is also a happy time of the year with so much going on. It gets me really excited.

Jeep rock crawler sr series light bars
  1. prepare dough
  2. put on sauce
  3. include cheese
  4. put in oven
  5. take out of oven
  6. eat
Name grade
Ma 111 95
PSY 200 96
T101 99
Christmas Penguin