My name is Chase Hayhurst. I am a freshman and plan to major in Paper Science and Engineering. I chose this major not only because it rich in chemistry and applications of chemistry, but also because it is the engineering major with the highest starting salary from NC State. So far, it is very interesting and I have learned a lot about making paper and the processes that go into it. I am really looking forward to the opportunities that I will have in the future in PSE.

My favorite hobby is probably just exercise in general. I love to workout but I also love to play almost any sport (basketball being my favorite). I love to be running and in competition with other people, especially my friends. I recently picked up ping-pong as a fun hobby and I love to play my friends and see how much better I get each time. Anything competitive that involves running and strategy is for me.

My favorite website!

"My second favorite website"
  1. Put two pieces of bread in the toaster
  2. After they toast, put a piece of cheese on each piece of bread immediately (so they melt)
  3. Put turkey on one side
  4. Put mayonnaise on the other side
  5. Put sammich together
  6. Eat

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
MA242 B+
CH101 B

Favorite Hobby