The Life of Clayton

My name is Clayton Hudson and I am currently a freshman in First year College. I intend on changing my major to Civil Engineering next semester. I chose to pursue this major because of my fascination of construction and structural aspects of buildings. I also chose this major because of my love for math and science. Once I transfer into Civil Engineering I plan on concentrating in structural engineering and graduating in 2018.

My favorite hobby is salt water fishing. There is something about fishing that relaxes me and allows me to have fun. Another reason I love to fish is because I am very competitive. Fishing is a competitive sport because everybody has their secrets and tricks. I also love to fish because it gives me a reason to go to the beach.

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How to make my favorite Sandwich
  1. Obtain bread, mayo, ham, and a knife.
  2. Open mayo jar and apply mayo to one side of each slice of bread using the knife.
  3. Place four slices of ham on one of the bread slices.
  4. Take the other slice of bread and place on top of the slice of bread with the ham.
Class Grade
MA 241 A-
E 115- S
GC 120 A