Welcome to my About Me page!

Hello everyone! My name is Michael Lin and I am a senior at NC State University. I am currently majoring in Accounting and hoping to switch into Statistics. I chose to switch into Statistics because I took the Business Statistics class and SAS programming class and fell in love with them!

I currently work at the NC State University Club as a waiter. I started working here back in May of 2015, so it has already been about two and a half years since then. I make enough money here for now but I hope to switch jobs to one that revolves around Statistics.

A picture of Michael

A few of my interesting classes

  1. SAS programming
  2. Java programming
  3. Ultimate Frisbee
  4. Pep Band

Table of some of my clubs of interest

Name of Club Link to their website
NCSU Marching Band Marching Band Website
NCSU Ultimate Frisbee Team Ultimate Frisbee Website