E115 Students Must Create These A Lot

Hello, my name is Courtney Jones. I am currently a freshman at NC State in the engineering program. My hope is to CODA into mechanical engineering. I chose this major because I am alway interested of how things work. All tasks can be completed with a machine. My goal is to find a task that would be more efficient by machine to help better someone's life.

My favorite hobby is shooting sporting clays. Sporting clays is a shotgun sport. Sometimes it is called golf with a shotgun. On a course you go to different stations, see different presentations of clay targets flying through the air, in which you shoot them. I love shooting sporting clays because in order to shoot well you must clear your mind, which is relaxing. I have made the USA Sporting Clays and USA Fitasc Teams for the last three years. I enjoy traveling all over, meeting new people with similar interests.

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Cute Cat

This is my resume.

    How To Make The Best Pizza in The World
  1. Put your shoes on
  2. Get in your car
  3. Drive to your favorite pizza place
  4. Order a Large Veggie Pizza and Add Bacon
  5. Sit down and eat
Class Anticipated Grade
E115 S
MA 141-Calculus I A+
CH102-Chemistry Lab A+

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