Welcome to my Homepage!!

Hello, my name is Charles Tart. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University hoping to study electrical and computer engineering (ECE). I want to study ECE because I would love to work for a company that designs and sells robots. ECE will give me the tools I need to be able to create my own robot. My passion for robotics began the summer of my freshman year when a friend of my Aunt Jan gave me a kit to build my own robot that was designed to transport things under water.

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How I order my big dinner box from Pizza Hut
  1. Decide if I want to pick up or have it delivered to me.
  2. Call your local Pizza Hut and order your big dinner box.
  3. I tell them I want cheese pizza with garlic parmesan sause, cinnamon sticks, and cheese sticks.
  4. I tell them that I will pick up/have it delivered (depending on what I'm doing at the time.
  5. I then either pick up the box and pay or wait for it to be delivered and pay the driver plus a generous tip.

  6. Magic the Gathering

    My favorite hobby is to play Magic the Gathering the trading card game. I started playing with both of my brother in laws when I was 12. I started back playing two years ago and have been playing competitively since then. Over fall break I competed in an invitational qualifier that qualifies the winner to play in the national tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the tournament I took first place and got my invitation to go to the tournament in Las Vegas and $120 cash.

    Course Name Expected Grade
    MA 242 B
    E 115 S
    E 101 A
    Eng 101 B