Mail Carina Tolentino Education I am currently completing a Bachelor's of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation date is Fall 2018. Professional Goals Chemical engineering has always caught my attention based off of the jobs it has to offer. It is a career that can make a difference in an individual’s life. It is an opportunity of getting to have the satisfaction of knowing someone can be helped profoundly and personally. For example, better nutrition, improved health, protection of the environment, and much more. Chemical engineering opens doors to several industries and jobs involving chemical products, health, safety and environment, oil and gas exploration and production, pharmaceuticals, power generation, water and waste management. I personally would like to work with an area dealing with health or pharmaceuticals since I have always planned on working in the medical field one day. I read that this career is also a great opportunity to travel and work in different countries. Skills & Qualities
Class Course Title Semester
ES 100 Environmental Science Fall 2016
E 201 Engineering Transfer to Success Fall 2016
CHE 205 Chemical Process Fall 2016
E 115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016
CH 221 Organic Chemistry I Fall 2016