I am Chelsea Abad. I am a freshman at NC State majoring in electrical engineering. I chose this major because it is very diverse. I will have the ability to change jobs if need be, whether in power, satellite communications, microelectronics, etc. However, I want to work with power. There will be many new sources of power in this century and I want to be a part of this movement towards these sustainable, environmentally-friendly power sources.

My favorite hobby is playing piano. I currently have a Piano Performance minor because I wanted to further my skill in piano while enjoying my love for music on a higher educational level. I like playing pieces of other composers because they put so much thought and expression in their compositions. The ability to project these beautiful sounds into music for myself or another being to enjoy is something I love. I have a lot of interests, but playing piano is something I can always rely on to put me in a better mood.

Updated Resume

How to Order Pizza the Right Way

  1. Call Pizza Hut.
  2. Order a XL Surpreme pizza.
  3. If you're feeling extra hungry, also buy a Hawaiian pizza with pepperoni.
  4. Wait for the pizza to be delivered.
  5. Enjoy.

  6. Class Name Expected Grade
    MA 141 C+
    CH 101 A-
    E 115 P