Cats say meow!!!

Read my paper!

My name is Cassandra Austin and I am a freshman majoring in environmental engineering. I chose this major because I love the outdoors and want to have the ability to help its quality. By being an engineer, I will be able to work hands on projects to create new things. I love to learn about air quality and water quality and what people can do to improve it. I am so excited to spend the next few years studying here at NC State!

My favorite hobby is playing with cats. They are so fluffy and soft. I have four cats at home named Bubbles, Garfield, Holden, and Skittles. Whenever I get to go home from school, I spend hours playing with them and cuddling with them. They are my favorite animals and I cannot wait to grow up and own so many cats.

pic of kitten

How to make my favorite pizza

  1. Get pizza dough
  2. Put sauce on pizza
  3. Put cheese on pizza
  4. Put MORE cheese on pizza
  5. Feed to cats

    petting cat
    Class Grade
    E115 Pass!
    Physics B+
    Chemistry B