Who Am I?

Welcome to the site of Charles, the man, the myth, the legend.

Hello, my name is Charles Blum. I am a freshman here at NC State and I am currently Industrial and Systems Engineering intent. Why did I pick this major? While in high school, I was fascinated by the idea of becoming an engineer to work with some of the worlds greatest minds to solve the worlds greatest dilemmas. I have two older siblings in engineering, but I did not quite know which engineering field to enter. Then I realized that there are numerous possibilities in each engineering field so it was just left to picking one. I decided upon Industrial and Systems Engineering because this field is the most related to business of all teh engineeering fields. In addition, this field has curriculum from all the engineering fields in one which appealed to me because of the diversity present.
My favorite hobby presently is playing basketball. As a child, I grew up with a soccer ball at my feet, however. Why did I change? As I grew older and older my older brothers were beginning to play basketball and soon thereafter this sport became their favorite. Young and immature, I told them that I would never like a sport better than soccer; it was the best sport. Later, at about the age of 10, I picked up a basketball in my backyard and started shooting some baskets. My brothers saw me, came outside, and we played a rousing game of three on three. Now, basketball is my favorite sport.

In high school, this was my go to news program. There is an image below this text.

CNN Student News Logo

For any prospective employeers, I have attached a link to my resume here.

  1. Make the dough and spread it out into a circular shape.
  2. Place the topings on the pizza, which include (but are not limited to) pepperonis, sausage, cheese, tomato paste, peppers, steak, more cheese, and (the best) bacon.
  3. Cook that Pie!
  4. Eat the YummyGoodness!!
Course Titles Letter Grades
Calculus III A
Environmental Science A
E115 S

This is an image of one of the coolest dunks in the history of Basketball.
Dwight Howard 11 ft Goal Slam