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My name is Chris Carter, I am a junior in the Electrical Engineering program at NC State University. I chose engineering because I love the concept of design and ingenuity on future and present technologies. The ability to study and learn the most advance concepts and theories, then apply them to technology has always fascinated me. A dream to work through the quantum level and control electricity and electromagnetic pulses to manipulate faster responses in gadgets and other technologies will be achieved through the study of Electrical Engineering specific to micro-technologies. Not only my interest but my family had a lot of influence in my decision to focus my studies in engineering. My granddad was the first engineer, electrical, of the family and that started the tend. When I graduate I will be the 6th engineer in the family, the second electrical.

My favorite break from school has to be winter break. Between the holidays and family traditions, I cannot get enough of this time of year. I usually leave shortly after exams and head back to my family farm in Ohio, where I am the 9th generation to farm that land. The week after Thanksgiving is a our annual family hunt on the farm, the schools there close the entire week for hunting season so it makes a great time to take the young ones out and teach them all about it, which was me once. From all the kidding and fun and excitement it will work up an appetite really fast, so naturally you cannot forget about the down home cooking of the holidays. It brings all ages, infant to ancient to the table, bowing our heads and folding our hands to show us how truly blessed we, as a family, as a people, as a nation, really are. From the holidays to the food to the time with family, this is the best time of year, hands down.

My favorite food has to be one of the toughest decisions I might ponder tonight. So many options, decisions and thoughts. My absolute favorite that tops it all is pulled pork freshly off of a smoker. Dipped in a little white house apple cider vinegar with crushed red pepper, you cannot beat it! With that being said, my favorite animal obviously is a pig! Just kidding! As much as I love pork, a hog is at the bottom of the list for favorite animal. All time favorite animal probably will have to be a dog. A beagle in particular. I have always grown up with beagles, mostly because my family and I are avid hunters, but beyond that beagles are brilliantly smart, easy to train and have a great nose.

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"Recipe to best sandwich ever made!"

  1. Fresh whole wheat bread
  2. Spread real mayonnaise on both pieces of bread
  3. Lightly salt and pepper both pieces
  4. Slice grilled chicken from the breast
  5. Dip in White House Apple Cider Vinegar
  6. Cut up Dill Pickles
  7. Put everything on bread
  8. Enjoy!

Fall 2013 Classes and Outcomes
Courses Expected Grades
ECE-109 A
E-201 A
E-115 S

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