This is gonna be fun!

Hello, my name is Casey Michael D'Amato. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. My other two choises are Industrial Engineering and Material Science and Engineering. I chose this major because it will best help me accomplish my career goal of becoming a sales engineer.

My favorite hobby is reading. I started reading when I was very young and I plan to continue reading until my eyesight gives out. Then I'll just listen to audio books. My favorite types of books are high fantasy novels, like Lord of the Rings and Eragon. My favorite book series of all time is A Song of Ice and fire. My favorite book outside of my favorite genre is Pride and Prejudice.

How to get the BEST pizza
  1. Go to Giovannis
  2. Wait to be seated
  3. Wait for waiter to take your order
  4. Order the buffalo chicken pizza
  5. PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Class Grade
    E115 S
    E101 A
    CH101 A
    MA242 B
    PS305 A
    ANT253 A

    A song of ice and fire