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My name is Cristian Del Valle and I am currently a Freshman at NC State Univeristy. However, in terms of credits I would be considered a Sophomore, who is pursuing Chemical Engineering. I have chosen this major because ever since High school, I have shown a great interest in Chemistry and Mathematics, which pointed in the direction of Chemical Engineering.

When discussing the topic of favorite animal, many people often limit themselves to thinking among the usual choices: dog, cat, fish, etc. These choices are droned out and too common, when given the opportunity, be random and creative, that is why my favorite animal is a Dragon. There is no rule that says that I may not have this animal, they're around us, just in a different, more complex dimension that we are incapable of seeing. But I know, I see them. Dragons are fire-breathing, cuddly animals that just want to be loved and cared for. I care for them.

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  1. Log onto site where pizza will be ordered from (Dominoes)
  2. Select deal that satisfies your needs
  3. Choose pizza style and toppings accordingly
  4. Provide address and payment information for pizza order

Class Expected Grade
MicroEconomics A
Chemistry 201 SE A
Calculus 3 A
Physics 205 A-

My Cuddly wittle Dwagon :)