Catherine M. Driscoll is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of Undergraduate Advising in the Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies at North Carolina State University.  A native of England, Driscoll was educated at Oriel College, Oxford University before moving to the US in 1997.  Driscoll attended the philosophy PhD program at Rutgers University. She joined the faculty at NC State in 2004, after graduating from Rutgers in 2003 and spending a year at Dartmouth College.

Driscoll’s research is focused on the philosophy of biology and cognitive science, especially issues that arise for the sciences that study the evolution of human cognition.  She is the author of a number of publications in very highly regarded peer reviewed journals, including most recently, “Fatal Attraction: Do Sperber’s attractors prevent cumulative cultural evolution?”  in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science;"Constructive Criticism: An evaluation of Buller and Hardcastle's genetic and neuroscientific arguments against Evolutionary Psychology" in Philosophical Psychology; and "Neither Adaptive Thinking nor Reverse Engineering: Methods in the Evolutionary Social Sciences" in Biology and Philosophy.