Welcome to Cristian Melara's Webpage!

My name is Cristian Melara and I am a junior attending North Carolina State University. I am currently pursing a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. I chose this major because I have always been interested in electrical components of devices, and I believe electronics are the future of technology. Also, I chose electrical engineering because I really enjoyed my technical classes throughout my academic career.

I have many hobbies and activities that interest me. To begin, one of my favorite things to do is ride my bike. Because I live so close to campus I always ride my bike to and from classes. What is even better is that there are tons of greenway trails around campus that I love riding on in my spare time. Also, I really enjoy playing video games with friends. I prefer old school games like Mario Party 1 on the Nintendo 64. When I'm not riding my bike or playing video games, chances are I am either watching Netflix or reading a book I purchased from Edward & Mccay's Used Book Store.

My dream would be working for a company designing innovative technology that would potentially change the world. Take a smartphone for example. The invention of smart phones have literally changed the way we live our lives. Everything from navigation, to internet use, to video calls. With that being said, I want to be apart of something that impacts everyone's life for the greater good. It's hard for me to say what specifically that technology is going to be, but all I know is that I want to be apart of the innovation.

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Current Resume

List of Most Interesting Classes at NC State That I Have Taken
  1. ECE 301 - Linear Systems
  2. ECE 211 - Electric Circuits
  3. ECE 212 - Logic System Design
  4. ECE 302 - Microelectronics

Classmates Major
Antuwon Butler Electrical Engineering
Caelin Lewis Computer Engineering