Welcome to the page of Corey Ellis

Hello! My name is Corey Ellis and I am a freshmen in electrical engineering. I chose electrical engineering because I enjoy the physics concepts that are very influential in this major. Another reason is because it is a rather broad discipline that I could take in several different directions. I am still not totally sure if this is the discipline I will end up in, but this is the one that I am leaning toward. I would also like to earn a minor in business while I am in school at NCSU.

My favorite hobby has probably grown to be playing racquetball. Whenever I have free time from doing my school work, I normally either go the gym and play racquetball with my friends or I will watch Netflix. I have grown to enjoy playing racquetball very much. I get very competitive and despise losing. I also enjoy playing FIFA whenever I have time.

Sandwich Creation Steps
  1. Grab two pieces of bread
  2. Lightly swipe mayonnaise across one piece of bread
  3. Insert one centimeter of turkey between bread pieces
  4. Place one peice of cheese between the bread pieces
  5. Slap everything together with some potato chips and enjoy

  6. Class Expected Grade
    Calculus 3 B
    English 101 A
    Introduction to computing environment S
    Physics 205 B