Welcome to My Webpage!

Hello! I am a sophomore at NC State studying Industrial Systems Engineering. I originally wanted to major in history, but about a year ago I changed my mind. I took a calculus course and realized that I actually liked math! After that I did a lot of research about different engineering majors and chose this major because I am very much a people person and Industrial Systems Engineering is known to be the engineering major for a "people person."

Before starting at school I had an awesome career in the dental field. I started out as a dental assistant and worked my way up, eventually becoming a manager. I hope that one day after I graduate my job experience will help me to get a job in the engineering field.


Interesting classes at NC State

  1. Currently in Calculus III
  2. Currently in Physics II
  3. Would like to take Whitewater Kayaking
  4. Also would like to take the whitewater rafting course

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